Michigan K9 Explosive Detection & Building Search

K9 Explosive Detection and Building Search

A bomb scare in an establishment is enough to disrupt the day’s activity or even cripple it entirely; everything could go down within a twinkle of an eye, both human and material resources. The biggest loser would be the business owner, with little chance of continuing after this harrowing experience.

A potential bomber will always look for places of high traffic or area most heavily populated to wreak maximum havoc on lives and property. If he has a specific location in mind like a hotel, he will make prior reservation and check in at a time when the lobby area is crowded with customers, and the receptionist is busy; the chances of being remembered is minimal at this time.

Bomb-making components are suspicious-looking, and the bomber will never risk bringing it along if he checks into the hotel. The usual scenario would be to have an accomplice, a seemingly innocent man that will be least suspected to bring it to him. If the security in the establishment is lax, he will have an easy time gaining entry. In other situations, like a crowded location, the bomber can easily drop off the bomb without anybody even noticing it. That could spell doom in a matter of minutes or more. The public should be very vigilant in this case and report any suspicious-looking container or wrapped parcel to the law enforcement.

K9 Explosive Detection Services

When it comes to K9 explosive detection services, the most important aspects are accuracy and reliability. With the right personnel, one can detect both small and large amounts of explosive odors, thus, the process of facilitating an appropriate emergency response can be carried out immediately.

K9 explosive detection can be carried out for luggage, cargos and buildings with a goal of cutting down on time needed to do a thorough scanning of any kind of area.

Bomb detection dogs are deployed to service shopping centers, office buildings, schools and other properties.

K9 detection services use multiple dogs as a safety measure for providing independent confirmations of alerts. At major ports, it is used for preventing unnecessary shutdowns, which could possibly result in loss of time and money.

Explosive and Bomb Detection Dogs Secure:

  • Cruise Ships
  • Major Ports
  • Schools
  • Shopping Centers
  • Any Structure or Building

Site Threat Assessment

This is part of a K9 explosive detection procedure conducted at your facility or event location, which includes a report aimed at identifying the strength and weakness of policies and physical security for preventing and/or responding to the threat of explosives.

Preventative Search

This is usually carried out prior to a particular event. The searches are done with the help of fully trained explosive detection canine teams. There are also well-trained bomb technicians using a wide range of equipment and tools.

Threat Deployment Search

This kind of detailed search is carried out in rapid response to any type of perceived threat. The search uses well trained canine teams, including bomb trained technicians conducting a detailed search of your facility.

Explosive Awareness

Explosive detection service companies train their personnel on the following:

  • Response to Explosive Threats
  • Facility Search
  • Explosive Identification
  • Planned Threat Response
  • Telephone Threats
  • Postal and Delivery Threats

Workshops are conducted by employing various teaching methods, specifically tailored to meet your needs.