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GPS Tracking

Global Positioning Systems or otherwise known as GPS is a technology that allows us to track every device having a GPS system. This GPS is fitted to the satellite through which the position of the object to be tracked is displayed with a backdrop of a schematic or real-time map.

Some years ago, GPS tracking systems for tracking a person's location had a lot of hardware and associated expenses, thus they were not considered economical. Today, the expansion and evolution in mobile technologies have brought GPS tracking systems closer to the people than ever before. A large number of mobile applications are in their developmental stage, which include the feature of GPS tracking systems. Every software development company now incorporates the GPS feature into almost all important applications being developed.

In line with the current scenario for mobile development, it has been established that almost all mobile phones in the market come with built-in GPS tracking systems. With the new feature in mobile phones and other devices comes the development of other mobile applications being introduced by different software development companies in the market.

Whether the consumer needs are for personal or commercial purposes, cost-effective solutions for GPS tracking are available in the market today. GPS tracking, GPS monitoring and management for vehicles, equipment, assets allow consumers to know where their most valuable assets are at any time. With GPS systems, consumers can locate their vehicles, people and properties in real-time from any internet-enabled computer, which is considered priceless in the eyes of sentimental consumers.

GPS technology has been elevated to the stage of live position-based dispatching for emergency services, law enforcement, GPS personal tracking, GPS vehicle tracking, GPS teen tracking and car theft recovery.

Smart phones these days are fitted with Passive tracking. Devices enabled with passive tracking store all related and relevant data internally, to the device and it can be downloaded later on. This kind of feature is known as data logging. In an emergency situation, the GPS tracking systems download the ephemeris data of the body to be located so that it can be deployed in case the body or person goes out of cellular coverage zone.

The majority of service providers is also saddled with the provision of GPS based devices. For transport companies, they make use of built-in GPS system in the devices and the popular Google Maps. Though most of them offer mobile applications with GPS functionality available as freeware, tracing a person without getting his consent or permission is regarded as a criminal offense that could result in major penalties.

FastMoves Executive Protection has cutting-edge technology and the personnel to assist you in your GPS tracking needs. Our real-time tracking keeps you aware of a location, with historical tracking allowing you to view the complete history of all the tracking sessions that has been recorded over time. Additionally, you will get a complete report suite, which enables you to see your data and reports in an easy-to-read format.